We are experts in connected health, fitness and Nutrition.

With more than 20 years of experience within fitness, health and digital solutions we now own and run a number of services within the digital health, fitness and nutrition realm. Contact us for inspirational lectures, trendspotting, workshops and consultant assignments.



Staffan Bergsten

Staffan Bergsten

Staffan has +10 years experience from helping people achieve their physical and mental goals. He coaches a number of professional athletes and runs our online training programs The Bronson Project, The Fitness Internet as well as our white label solutions for other brands.
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Donnie SC Lygonis

Ideas & Concepts
Donnie has spent more than 20 years in the cross section between entrepreneurship and athletics and is a very frequently booked speaker on innovation, business development and digitalisation.
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Deborah Lygonis

Chairman of the board
Deborah has worked with business development and start-ups for 20 years. She has acquired great competence within the digital sphere from holding leading positions at software-, gaming-, and mobile developing companies. Currently CEO of Friendbase.com
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